Tuesday, November 10, 2009

God is waiting for you....

Did you know that God is waiting for you to surrender your soul to Him.  He has a plan for your life.  My calling is to help you find that plan.  This is a place that you can come and experience God's healing presence as I have asked Him to bless this place and make it Holy
 ground for HIm. 
The world is full of  things of hell and they are all around us. 
Surround yourself with the presence of God so you are able to have Spiritual warfare over these forces.
God has a plan for your life and wants to fulfill it but you must separate yourself from the world.
Start out today by removing negative TV shows, negative talk, negative energy.
Do you sit at lunch with people who just talk about oher people in a negative way.  That is not acceptable to God.  Stop doing that.  Those people that you may be talking about are God's children.
Every person is a child of God unless they turn away from HIm.  Many times people turn away from Him and their lives reflect their negativity.  Do they talk about others in a negative way.
Then this is not of God.
Speak kindly of  others.  Lift everyone up to God in prayer. 
Did you know that it is only by putting away the things of the world you will get closer to the HOly one?
I would rather have five minutes in the presence of the Lord than anything the world can give to me.
I didn't have any peace or joy for the last ten years because I refused to surrender my Opera voice to HIm for His glory.  Now, I have given my voice, my talent and my time to HIm. He has given back to me my voice and I am singing again.  I have my first professional singing job last week and next week I have a TV performance.  Following that I will be singing the Soprano solos's at Beimar Methodist church and I have plans to record professionally all my singing from aria's to Oratorio to wedding/funeral pieces.  I feel the most blessed when I sing at a funeral as God is there and is hand is on me as His messenger  to those that moarn.  He will comfort you in your pain. 
It doesn't matter how bad your life is God can reach His hand down and pick you up right now this very instant.  Get on your knees now and pray to HIm.  Jesus , take my life and let it be yours and let me  be a blessing for you to advance your Kingdom on this earth. 
I promise you that if you surrender ALL  to Jesus He will not forsake you.  Even if you are in the hospital, even if you are homeless, even if you are in the mental ward because you have lost all hope >  He will send angels to get you out of that hospital.  He will come in to that mental ward and hold your hand and take you into His arms and He will heal you. 
Do not be afraid, for I am with you, says the Lord.  Why should you fear or be afraid when you have Jesus and angeles watching over you.
Do you not know, have you not heard?  That the Lord your God can do all things through you.

Trust me today that God has healed me and picked me up from new joy, it is a new day with God.
The Lord has restored unto he devil has stolen.
Oh. how wonderful to  have a beautiful house, with a pool.  I practice singing and enjoy coffee.  I work at The Church Of The Good Shepherd in Lake Wales and I will go there today with my new husband to practice singing for my Oratorio engagement next week.
Lean on HIm.
Please don't despair.
Take your Bible in your hand right now.  Open it up to the Psalms and read what it says.  "Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.  For thou Art with me." 
  For though art with me. how can you be afraid?  Pick your things up and pick yourself up.  Get a fresh webpage and word document.  Write down your heart's desire and ask and I agree with you here at this site and it says,  Wherever two or more of you agree in my name ,  What you say will be done.  This is according to the scripture Matthew 18: 18 and 19.  I prayed this prayer oon my knees when I lived in England and He gave me a miracle and brought me to America to Flor, no hope and no job and he provided everything.  I have lieved miracles.  The Lord has not forsaken you my friend.  Though it looks like you are alone in your room or in your hospital room yyou are not alone my friend.  God is holding your hand.  He is the scultor and He is using these horrible experiences to mold you like clay to make you into His vessel so He can use you for His glory.  You have been chosen.
I leave you with these thoughts.
The Lord rescued me.  The Lord shone His face upon me.  The Lord lifted me and carried me. 
I thank Father Tom from Church of the Good Shepherd.  When my church cast me out of their presence Father Tom lifted me up and gave me hope.
Father Tom is only working for God. 
Now I too as working for God my friend. 
Please have hope today.  What are your gifts, what do you do well.
Please you guiding questions where you can find your pathway to the Lord.
Let go of the pasat and what people have done to you.  Forgive them today.  Let it go.  Don't talk about it and move forward .
This is the first day of the rest of your life my friend.
Look what God did for me:   He gave me the best singing teacher in the world to help me find my voice again.   Her name is Stella Zambalis.  I will place her singing Viss D'arte Visse D'amore fce for I amr eady. 
Do you see?  God did not forsake me.  He is lifting me to make my own  video of me singing Visse D'arte Visse D'amore on this site.  I can't wait.  I look forward to the many blessings God has in store for those who love Him. 
Give Him your heart today.
Listen to this beautiful aria from La Boheme.
I am able to sing again as He restores  me.

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